Monday, February 27, 2012   6:30-9:30pm

Taos, NM

DonCon Hosts the Open Microcosm

Taos Inn - Adobe Bar

125 Paseo del Pueblo Del Norte
Taos, NM 87571

phone: (575) 758-1152


DonCon Hosts the Open Microcosm

Rules of the Open Microcosm Road
The open mic experience is unlike any other...but in Taos it's even more unique... so we call it the Open Microcosm. Sign ups must be done in person during the thirty minutes before the open mic begins and you must bring your own instrument(s)!  11 slots are available and the sign up sheet goes out on the front desk in the lobby a half hour before the show starts. First come first served. You need to be there in person thirty minutes before showtime to select a slot. Don't forget! All ages are welcome, but if you're really young you'll need to nab an early slot... before 8pm... and be accompanied by a parent.... because it is a bar and a restaurant as well as a hotel. Thanks for being cool about that. Once again... go to the front desk in the lobby of the Taos Inn and sign up there. No phone ins. Sorry. On a typical night you'll have 15 minutes to set up, tune up and do your thing. That's 15 minutes. If it takes you 10 minutes to tune up, plug in and get rolling then you only have 5 minutes left. Another example of the math involved: If your songs are all 8 minutes long then you only have time for one song. Please respect the math because if you go over you're stealing that time from other open mic performers and the host has the responsibility to cut you off if necessary, which nobody wants to see happen… especially the host. Slot times may vary so please be flexible and be ready! If you leave the building and can't be found when your slot starts you forfeit the slot. We try to be flexible but if the slots are all taken and an alternate fills in for you then there may not be time available to plug you back into the schedule when you magically reappear. Thanks for being cool about that. In the winter it runs from 6:30pm till 9:30pm. Summer hours are 7pm till 10pm.
Sound Equipment is provided ... speakers, microphones, guitar cords ...  but if you need special cords and adapters for your instruments or devices please bring them! If you need a special stool or a music stand bring them!
A modest sound system is provided with three vocal/instrument microphones and stands plus cables and two instrument channels with guitar cables. There are a couple more channels beyond that for additional sources, but you may have to bring your own preamps. these additional channels are primarily for plugging in more instruments and/or other devices that don't require mics/stands. You can always bring your own if you need one or two extra.
You MUST bring your own instrument and any devices for accompaniment ... and any special cables or adapters you need that are beyond the standard guitar or mic cable. If you use a CD to sing along with bring a portable CD player and the cords to attach it. If you require special effects bring an effects device. If you sing along with an MP3 bring an MP3 player or whatever it is you need beyond a normal microphone and a guitar cord. Be sure to bring your own cable/adaptor to make those devices work. The mixer will accommodate either a ¼" mono input, left and right RCA inputs. Along with your adapters please have a cord that will reach from you to the mixer…that should be at least 6 feet long if you plan to have the device next to you while performing. It can be shorter if you're just going to rest the device next to the mixer while performing.  One last time... You must bring your own instruments and devices! Thanks!

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