play The Other Side

from Paradox of Grace - Cogtone 010 - 2001

i'm over on the other side
where life and death softly divide.
left my skin and bones behind
now i'm over on the other side.

can you feel me there with you?
my breath is gone but i'm not through.
loved you then and i still do
from over on the other side.

i can fly. really fly.
below the earth ... all through the sky.
tell em all i did not die.
i'm just over on the other side.

it's good here on the other side.
the sweetest songs...the bluest skies.
thank you for the tears you cried
but it's good here on the other side.

i can fly. really fly. below the earth...all through the sky.
tell em all i did not die.
i'm just over on the other side

the world is smaller than a needle's eye.
where life and death softly divide.
when you leave your skin and bones behind
i'll be waiting on the other side.

i can fly. really fly. below the earth ... all through the sky.
go tell em all i did not die.
i'm just over on the other side.


DonCon: all instruments, lead vocal, high vocal at end
Ellis Paul: harmony vocals

Recorded by Don Richmond at Howling Dog Studios in Alamosa Colorado

Don Conoscenti
Published by Desert Muse/SESAC

updated 4 years ago


Always ComfortingThursday, January 30th 2014 11:24PM

I truly love this song.  I discovered it years ago when I heard it on a TV show.  Dons music, lyrics, and voice along with the harmonizing of Ellis is so beautiful and moving.
Thank you for sharing your talent.

Nothing Ever DiesWednesday, July 17th 2013 3:57PM

Years ago I had a dream... the basic message of the dream was, "nothing ever dies, it only changes form... "  I have heard that matter is never destroyed it only changes form... but that was after the dream... and yet I wonder if somehow I had read that philosophy and not remembered and then changed it to fit into my dream... I don't know... but I dreamed and wrote about the dream in 1983... It was not until some time after my daughter died in 2006 that I came to think perhaps the dream was a gift to me from God... because he knew what lay ahead and he wanted to give me a gift to help ease my path...  anyway I wanted to share that thought with you as a thank you for your song... I take a lot of comfort from your song... Someday I will join my loved ones over on the other side... until then it helps me to picture them... no longer burdened with earthly bodies... their spirits are free... they can fly... really fly... I hope the fact that people still feel moved enough by your song... the haunting music and the echoing words that they continue to write year after year.  Elissa Smith  Cara's Mom For Always

Other SideSunday, May 1st 2011 4:23PM

You should know (and feel) by now the boy is present in just about all you do, and wherever you go.
Having been with both parents when they passed has taught me this. Altho I'm not a time traveler or spiritualist, times happen when I miss 'em so bad it tears me up, and then I realize it's just my humanity breaking through. I believe you never achieve this sillyass thing called closure on those you love. Closure is putting it in the closet.


Beautiful lyricsFriday, April 22nd 2011 9:04AM

I came across this song for the first time today while visiting another friend's legacy page.  Our 23 year old son drowned 1 1/2 yrs ago and this song brings great comfort and I know that he waits for us in Heaven and that we will be reunited someday.  Thank you for freely sharing your gift of music.

gail toulouseThursday, March 3rd 2011 8:39PM

i first heard this song on my favorite radio station WMPG from the university of southern maine.  i stopped doing dishes, listened and began sobbing.  i was remembering my grandfather...  what a thoughtful song.  When my life partner died six years ago we had decided to play "The Other Side" at her Celebration of Life service.  Thank you Don Con for this most lovely of songs.  a healing song it is.

Our DepartedTuesday, February 22nd 2011 1:32AM

Thank you Don for this most welcomed song. In the last several years I have lost many family members and friends. There is never a time frame on life..and when we leave this is usually done in the most difficult ways for all who are left behind. As a fellow musician may I say...I have never heard a more beautiful song.

The words comfort, and the music heals. Thank you for letting us use the link during our darkest hours. Your name is repeated many times over in public, recognizing the musicianship and lyrics in this song. Thank You


Mary SueFriday, February 11th 2011 3:14PM

I first heard this song back in 2001 when you sang it on John Edward's show.  This was a couple of months after my brother's sudden passing.  An absolutely beautiful song and I bought your CD.

Debra Wednesday, December 1st 2010 5:54AM

Dear Don...   A special and dear friend Drew passed yesterday.  I'm here listening to your beautiful song.   I've shared your site to his family and friends.
Praying it brings them the comfort of others I have sent here.  
THANK YOU for allowing me to share the song.    Bless you Don !

DaveFriday, October 1st 2010 9:23PM

I heard this for the first time this week when a friend performed it at a mutual friend's funeral - by far the best thing I have ever heard at a funeral.  Thank you.


girl from michgan Sunday, July 25th 2010 11:13PM

i heard this song from my dad and then practice singing it and then this past september my gma died so i attempted to sing it at her funeral i failed halfway through ad now today my gpa died and im going to try to sig it again for his wish me luck that i make it hrough the whole song

DeniseWednesday, March 17th 2010 9:38AM

I saw this shared on a soldier's tribute page.  Beautiful blend of words and music.  Comforting and inspiring. You have a gift. Thank you for sharing it with the world.

TESS COLLINSThursday, November 5th 2009 7:24PM

ok its me agin tess i also wanted to say the music you have for this song also brings peice to the mind as well as what the song says DON THANK YOU SO MUCH please write or post more to help us you can never get to much help when you loose a love one and my mother was and still is my best friend ever in the whole world i miss her so much and need her as well more now that ever thanks once agin. TESS


TESS COLLINSThursday, November 5th 2009 7:15PM

I first herd this song at my counslers after my mother passed on to the otherside it really helped me alot i had to go back to her today for other reasons and i got this from her thank god she still had it i now learn that my good friend had just lost there mother a week ago im sendin this to them i think it will help as well as it did me my mother passed july 2002 its still real hard but this song helped me so much so if you have anymore you can put out that will help us like this please do and i thank you from the bottem of my heart for this and god bless you and your family and everyone out there ,Tess

Terri in ConnecticutWednesday, July 15th 2009 11:12AM

Don,  Thank you so much for such a beautiful song!  My cousin Andrew played and sang the song at my Mom's memorial service on May 29th.  He suggested this song in our planning stages, and my Dad, Aunts, and I agreed it was perfect.  Mom liked owls - I know that she's flying with them now.

Thank you.Saturday, June 27th 2009 12:49AM

I first heard this song live at the Rocky Mountain Folks Festival in Lyons, CO, sung by you and Ellis.  I still can't listen without tearing up.  Thank you for writing it.


Betty HuffordMonday, June 15th 2009 3:59PM

I am so glad I found this - I lost my 21 year old son, Curtis, on July 16,2008.  He commited suicide.  I am planning a tribute on the anniversay of his death and this song will be a part of it.  What a great song.  Thanks!

many Thanks!Saturday, June 6th 2009 12:06PM

I wanted to say thanks to you Don for posting this on Dean's Memorial it is Beuatiful

Jeremy for DavidSaturday, April 25th 2009 11:28PM

I hope it is ok to post this for my family, for David he was not in the service but he died when he was 17 from diabetes this song is so cool and it makes my heart feel bettr knowing he is still with me but went to a better life where he is not sick. I love you David and miss you so much.


Thank you for this wonderful song.Thursday, January 1st 2009 12:38PM

I can't thank you enough for writing a song that has such words of comfort. My son Chris was a Marine and was killed in Iraq. Some one posted this site and song on a tribute site to my Chris. I absolutely love this song so much and can't wait to pass it on to my family. I just want to listen to it over and over. Thank you again for this gift for my heart. What beautiful words and voices.
Lynn Lenker      Illinois

JeannieThursday, January 1st 2009 10:44AM

Today is the first anniversary of my sister Terri's death.  I lost her to Leukemia January 1, 2008
I just received this in an email this week.  Thank you for such a beautiful song.

Sonia BrakowskiSunday, November 30th 2008 3:14PM

33 years ago our 10 year old daughter died of cancer, since then I have grieved until I didn't think there were any more tears left to cry.  That is until I heard this song!!!  Now I cry tears of joy and peace knowing she is on the other side, whole and well. Thank you for recording this song with the words that come directly from the 'other side".


Lia - Ontario - CanadaTuesday, November 11th 2008 9:38AM

"The Other Side" still touches my heart today, as much as it did when I first heard it years ago.  

Most people have "Amazing Grace" played at their funerals.  When it's my time to go, "The Other Side" will be played at mine (

Janet ÅkerlundSaturday, October 11th 2008 2:29PM

I listen to this song for two years ago and have looked so hard to find it again. And now I have and I am so happy. I just love, love, love this song so mutch. I have told my family they must play this song on my funeral. I am 42 now but we never now then we are going to die. You are the best and the greatest singer and songwriter. My english is verry bad, sorry. Im from Sweden. Thank you so mutch. I send you a big hug and a lot of kisses.
My best wishes to you from me Janet Åkerlund.

Marjorie BensonTuesday, September 30th 2008 12:38PM

Thank you for remembering!! My son Johnathan Benson is in heaven with Jesus. He is whole again. He is happy! We need to all rejoice in their lives. They are our hero's! God bless each and everyone of you as you go threw this journey. Marjie  


Penny YoungTuesday, September 23rd 2008 9:18AM

I am moved beyond belief.   Someone I do not know, another mother, left this link on my son's legacy page on the one year anniversary of his death in Iraq.   what a blessing to receive this.

sue BurhansSunday, September 21st 2008 12:02AM

I lost my friend David Coullard a Marine, from Ct, A hero in Iraq 3 years ago, Aug 1 2005.This year someone posted your song on his guest book.Thank you ,I love it,tears also to my eyes and I know he is near by.Thank you

dorothy turkThursday, September 4th 2008 10:16AM

Since first hearing this song on the John Edwards program I lost my husband and just recently my Dad. Being human, there have been times I started to doubt that there was life after death, then I'd play this beautiful song and my faith was renewed. Thank you for giving so many of us that comfort.


Vickie LomonMonday, September 1st 2008 5:43PM

We lost our son John Taylor Lomon in a tragic car accident January 21, 2008. Grieving every day, this song puts the loss all into words that no one can express in such a way we all can understand. I listen to The Other Side every day and then some. It helps me to heal and to know that some sweet day, I will meet my son again over on the other side. Thank you so much for knowledge of writing this song, it really helps those who have lost a loved one. Vickie Lomon

DebbieTuesday, August 26th 2008 10:17PM

The tears are just streaming down my face as I write this. Our son, Spc. Matthew M Murchison died August 4, 2007 in Baghdad, Iraq and I was told to listen to this song. Oh my is absoultly beautiful yet it made me miss him even more. Yet I do know I will see him soon and that I have to look forward too. Thank you.

deniseWednesday, August 13th 2008 7:01AM

the other side is such a beautiful song it reduces me to tears, i'd like this played at my funeral...


Laurie Turman BattermanMonday, June 30th 2008 3:47PM

Just opened the CD Paradox of Grace.  What a CD.  I have listened to the other side.  It makes me cry and to laugh.  This could be the start to the healing process.  Thank you for your talent and gift.

Laurie Turman BattermanTuesday, June 24th 2008 9:17AM

My husband who was a pilot died 8/17/07 this song is such a comfort to me.  I can not wait to purchase it for our grandson who is 5 years old.  He has the same thoughts that now Grandpa can really fly when and where ever.  Thank you for a small band aid on our broken hearts


Becky McDowellFriday, May 9th 2008 1:01AM

I just lost my Brother last week and I can not tell you what these words mean to me.  Thank you for what keeps me beliving that he is still with me always!  

styleskenny@yahoo.comMonday, May 5th 2008 11:48PM

Hauntingly beautiful. Thank you so mush

JanWednesday, April 16th 2008 5:29PM

Heard this song quite a while ago, never knew who it was, where it came from. Took ages to track down. This song was worth it. Well done Don, its luverly and wonderfully sentimental. Luv the vocals - in fact everything about it. Definately putting this down for my end of days as it says what I believe. Thank you, everso. Jan in England, UK


DonnaTuesday, February 26th 2008 12:04AM

What a beautiful song!!!!!!!!!

RhondaThursday, January 17th 2008 4:48AM

I found this song three years ago when my only child, Sean, died in a car accident.  It got me through the months following.  It still gets me through his birthday, mother's day and Christmas.  I too send it to eveyone I know who loses someone precious. Thank you for easing a mother's grief.

Donna BelangerFriday, October 12th 2007 11:58PM

I too heard this song first on the John Edward show, and immediately ordered Don's CD. I treasure this song, have used it my mom's and aunt's funeral, and forwarded a link to it to anyone I know who has lost a loved one. It brings such peace. Thank you Don, for this special song.


Kasey StephensSunday, June 3rd 2007 12:22PM

I love this song. I lost my mother and younger brother recently. Their passion was skydiving. I used this song as background in a tape of them together, flying free and happy. God Bless you

Dustin's MomTuesday, March 20th 2007 11:40PM

A special friend sent me a link to this site. The song is awesome. I lost my only child of 16 to suicide in 2002. I just got through his 21st birthday in March. This song helps me to breathe and feel peace from Dustin. Great song. Keep up the wonderful work you are doing.

NANCYWednesday, March 7th 2007 3:56PM



CloverWednesday, March 7th 2007 2:14AM

I found this song on a webpage afer John Denver  passed over. I had attended his Windstar events as a journalist and was inspired by his work, saddened by his early departure.  They say all losses trigger and deepen memories from our previous losses.  In my experience, that is very true.
This song is truly a gift from the other side.  Thank-you for being a conduit.
With Gratitude, Clover
from Black Diamond, Alberta, Canada

maryannWednesday, February 28th 2007 11:54PM

having my mom cross over/not die just months ago. this song hits home. its a beautiful TRUE!!!

EileenMonday, December 18th 2006 8:30PM

On this seventh anniversary of my daughter's death a friend sent this to me. How lovely. Thank you.


Dan CorkeryThursday, November 23rd 2006 7:54AM

One of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard!  I heard this over the internet a few years ago, not knowing who recorded it or where it came from..

I have spent a long time since trying to track it down..finally, with much thanks to my brother, Richard, I have only today found it again!

I can't say enough how much I love this song..brilliant, full of talent..deserves to be a massive international hit!

Mary- Saint Hedwig, Tx

My Fallen Soldier my Hero, who saved the lives of 12 soldiers, left this world on 8-20-08 and I have been trying to find solace, find a song, words to give me some type of inner peace. Your song did that for me.  I could close my eyes and see our son flying high-looking down at us and telling us not to cry.  God has given you such talent sir and I appreciate you and in allowing us to hear this song.  For a lot of families who have lost a soldier, for families who have lost a love one, we look and look all over to find something that will bring some inner peace and songs and words like this help us so much!!! God Bless you . Proud Army Mom

Mary- Saint Hedwig, Tx

My Fallen Soldier my Hero, who saved the lives of 12 soldiers, left this world on 8-20-08 and I have been trying to find solace, find a song, words to give me some type of inner peace. Your song did that for me.  I could close my eyes and see our son flying high-looking down at us and telling us not to cry.  God has given you such talent sir and I appreciate you and in allowing us to hear this song.  For a lot of families who have lost a soldier, for families who have lost a love one, we look and look all over to find something that will bring some inner peace and songs and words like this help us so much!!! God Bless you . Proud Army Mom