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from Turn Here - Cogtone 015 - 2009

Mona Lisa

        |C                   |G |G |G |C                     |G    |G
You move like the Mississippi… curve and roll so sweet
|A         |A 2/4         |C          |A               Abm   |G     |G |G
Act like a little schoolgirl… and dress like a Cajun Queen
  |C                  |G |G |G                  |C                      |G    |G
Nobody is safe around you...when you wear those shiny things
|A                         |A 2/4         |C   |A             Abm        |G   |G |G
Steal the show everywhere you go… shame the birds and bees

|D                                    |G D 2/4 |G |G
Hitched a ride through your galaxy
|G                           |D   |D
Broke down halfway home
|Em          D          |Em  D 2/4 |C
Thank you for your company
|Bb            A          |G |G |G |Bb             A         |G   |G |G
Now you're on your own…      Now you're on your own

You could've been the Mona Lisa… He would've painted a different scene
If you'd left an earring on his bed… and picked Davinci's pockets clean

You sing like Janis Joplin… shake like a tambourine
You're more than three times seven… don't you know who you wanna be

Solo    : F |F G F |F |G7 |F |F G F |F |G7 :

: F                       C      |G |F C |G  |F            C                   |G |F C |G :
  Could've been the Mona Lisa…          Could've been the Mona Lisa

Tag  |F G |C |Bb A |G


Don Conoscenti: Lead and Backing Vocals, Bass, Acoustic and Electric Guitars
Patrick Turnmire: Drums, Percussion, Engineering, Mixing and Mastering
Jed Zimmerman: Backing Vocals
Don Richmond: Mandolin
Mark Dudrow: Cello

© (p) 2009 Don Conoscenti - Desert Muse (SESAC)

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