play What Else Could I Do

from Turn Here - Cogtone 015 - 2009

         |Dm                           |Am                            |C                               |G
Wire fences along the prairie… wooden crosses along the road
                       |Dm                               |Am          
Great white father… and all his soldiers
|C         G                                 |Dm |Dm
Made ghosts of the buffalo

I tell the young ones… keep to the old ways
They say... those are easy words for you
Yes I signed treaties… betrayed my people
But what else could I do

                           |F                                    |C
My dear grandson my sweet granddaughter
               |G                          |Dm
Yes I'm old my days so few
                  |F                            |C
But if the lives of all your people
                        |G                                          : Dm |Dm |Dm |Dm :  
Were in your hands ... what would you do

They killed my son… stole my woman
Burned the lodges took our food
Ball and chain around my ankle…
Hey what else could I do




Iron horses down in the valley… silver birds up in the blue
I signed papers to save my people… hey what else could I do

Outro   : F      C                  G            |Dm : - |F       C                  G
                … what else could I do     -     … what else could I


Don Conoscenti: Lead Vocals, Bass, Acoustic and Electric Guitars
Benito Concha: Native Drum
Patrick Turnmire: Engineering, Mixing and Mastering
Jed Zimmerman: Backing Vocals
Mark Dudrow: Cello

© (p) 2009 Don Conoscenti, Brad Piccolo, John Cooper – Desert Muse/Cimarron Soul Publishing (SESAC)

updated 5 years ago