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released 2009   Cogtone Records


© (p) 2009 Don Conoscenti - Desert Muse (SESAC)


  • All Songs written by Don Conoscenti except Black Eyed Suzi and Full Time Fool (Michael McKearn, D Conoscenti – Desert Muse), What Else Could I Do (D Conoscenti, Brad Piccolo, John Cooper – Desert Muse/Cimarron Soul Publishing) and Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen - Sony/ATV Music)

This is the first full length release from me in eight years. I've done some writing in those years, but mostly I've focused on improving my playing/singing and expanding my musical vocabulary. I wanted a chance to document that. I "finished" the album in the late summer of 2009, but it needed repairs and it took months to get them done for a variety of reasons beyond my control. The most needed repairs were finished in May of 2010 with lead vocals redone on Hallelujah and Great Divide and the drums redone on Mona Lisa. It was then sent to Neale Eckstein at Fox Run to be mastered and is now available in it's new form and also available to be digitally downloaded as high resolution (320kbps) MP3 files here from my site (preferred by me) or from iTunes or Amazon.com if you prefer. The MP3s are all going to be the same quality and compatible with most typical MP3 players... the only difference in buying directly from my site will be that I don;t have to pay  portion of the proceeds to a huge corporation that really isn't struggling to pay their medical bills. One of the reasons for making this album is to help pay off some of the massive uninsured medical expenses I accrued in late March of 2009 when I shattered my left femur and had to be airlifted to Denver to have it rebuilt with titanium. Titanium is the bomb. Health care in the United States as of the spring of 2009 is not. I invite all Republican lawmakers to shatter their left legs and get an airlift to Denver for a titanium rebuild without insurance. I did get great care for which I'm extremely grateful, but the uninsured medical bills were well over $80,000. People came to my rescue with donations and various other forms of support from around the country and overseas, but I'm still left with some hefty payments each month. This recording is a very "Taos" creation...done locally and all the guest artists are Taos area All Stars. It received four New Mexico Music Awards Nominations for 2009: Best Overall Song (Echo), Best Jazz Song (full Time fool), Best Americana Song (What Else Could I Do) and Best Vocal Performance (Great Divide)".  Due to the medical bills it is also a very home made endeavor. My musical partner in Taos, Patrick Turnmire, and I cranked this out in 17 days in his project studio. It wasn't easy, but we finished it without the use of pitch correction, drum loops, plastic shaker eggs or samples. I print the artwork myself and put together the sleeves then I burn the CDs and print the CD art onto the discs using a pro level machine at home and assemble the pieces by hand. The sound quality is first class and the art work is water resistant but most definitely not a factory job. No plastic jewel cases. No shrink wrap. Lots of that personalized mojo. Hope that's cool with you. It's the best I can do right now.

Big Dog thanks to friends and supporters who got me through a rough patch There are far too many of you to thank properly here, but I'm GRATEFUL. Also to my Guests on this recording and music pals far and wide. To the music/writing/art scene of Taos, the Taos News, KTAO, the Taos Pueblo, TSV, the Rifters, Jim Bradley, the Osage Nation, Lowen and Navarro, Wayne Evanson, Jennifer Peterson, SXSW, Wayne Glover, the Big Mac, Red River, Terry Buffalo Ware, Eddie Owen, Nick Wimett, Arlo and Clan, the Woody Guthrie Festival, the Gutz Gang, Martin Kearns, Little Arnold Carbone, Jim and Deanne Dirden, my mountain biking buddies, my fellow inhabitants of Vatopia. Double Dog thanks to Stephanie Gutz, Ellis Paul, Don Richmond and Jimmy Stadler who kept me in the game and to my musical partner/pal Patrick Turnmire. It's been eight or nine years since I've made a DonCon album. We had 2 1/2 weeks to do it. He didn't have a lot of experience working like this, but he does what he always does... rises to the occasion and makes it happen.

The Band
Don Conoscenti: Lead and Backing Vocals, Basses, Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Producer
Patrick Turnmire - Redrock Acoustics: Drums, Percussion, Engineering, Mixing
Neale Eckstein - Fox Run Studio: Mastering

The Guests
Benito Concha: Native Drum on What Else Could I Do
Jimmy Stadler: Piano on Full Time Fool, Organ on Echo and Love Had Come
Michael Hearne: Backing Vocals on Black Eyed Suzi
Jed Zimmerman: Backing Vocals on Mona Lisa, What Else Could I Do and Love Had Come
Don Richmond: Mandolin on Mona Lisa, Pedal Steel on Echo
Mark Dudrow: Cello on Mona Lisa, What Else Could I Do, Hallelujah, Echo and Love Had Come

The Gear
Electric guitars built by Scott Harris/Caledonia Guitars, Taos NM
Acoustic guitar built by Kent Everett/Everett Guitars, Atlanta GA
Patrick Turnmire plays Tama Granstar Custom Drum Kit, Sabian Cymbals, Pearl Tombourine

Additional Gear Love
Fishman Transducers and Solo Amp, D'Addario Strings (Pro Steels), Oasis CD, TarCaseCo Custom Effects Case, Rob Russell/Sweetwater, Kyser Capos, Rich Mermer Guitars, Shubb Capos and Line 6 (X3 Live), Michael Kelly Guitars, Godin Guitars, Burton Jesperson Jewelry/Guitar Straps, Pick Up the World Pickups and Power Modules

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