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9-4-14 Concert Window Sept 6th at 7pm Mtn Time and Kickstarter Campaign Coming very soon

Thursday, September 04, 2014

9-4-14 Concert Window Sept 6th at 7pm Mtn Time and Kickstarter Campaign Coming very soon

Forgive me in advance for being a little repetitious, but I'm tackling the largest recording project of my life and need to get the word out to everyone I can.
First off…    I’ll be doing an online web performance from my home studio (Studio 13) Sept 6th at 7pm Mountain Time/9pm Eastern. The last online concert was truly fun and really well attended. You just go to the Concert Window web site, find Don Conoscenti and get yourself setup to watch and listen to the show on your computer or your internet enabled TV. For details and to sign up goto Concert Window
On the other front… One More Record ….Thanks to the prodding of my friends David Clemmer (chemist and songwriter extraordinaire) and Don Richmond (national musical treasure and southwestern icon) I've assembled a crack band and am heading back into the recording studio to do One More Record… that's my mantra. If I could make One More Record without starving myself to do it and have the resources to get it right… actually make a Grammy worthy record and then have the funds to spread the word I'd be more than content.
  That would be nice, but I think the real purpose of me making this record is to create a result that I have so far failed to do. I want to reach a mainstream audience and get the attention of the mainstream media. I personally could live without the attention and would be really happy to spend time gardening and making recordings in my home studio to license to film, TV, web sites, etc but I've been convinced by other people (and outside forces) that my stories and music can make at least a small difference in the world and that would appear to be my mission as an artist. I've tried to hide from that many times, but have been dragged back to it time and time again… often kicking and screaming. I've made some sweet records, but I've never been able to crack commercial radio or mainstream media… because I just never had any money left after making the record… and being famous is not something I think I'd enjoy very much. Some recognition is required to work in this business so I'll have to get some help with all that and it's extremely expensive. When I make records I cut every cost I can and never once have been able to pay myself for the countless hours and intense efforts required. So I'm working up a video and launching a Kickstarter campaign in a few weeks. It’s been thirteen years since my last full blown studio record. I will revisit some earlier songs that will now have a chance to be heard by (potentially) thousands more people and adding some new material to the mix. Expect string sections and horns… things I couldn't manage in the past, but the songs called for. As I mentioned last newsletter the core of the record will be recorded in Alamosa Colorado with the ever awesome Don Richmond at Howling Dog Records, the rhythm section from John Oates’s band (bass and drums). Other parts of the record will be recorded with Lloyd Maines in Austin (Dixie Chicks). I'll also be working with jazz buddies in New York City, rock buddies in Taos like Greg Thum and at my own ‘Studio 13’. I'll ask some of my famous friends to jump into the fray but being famous can really restrict your movements and it's unlikely they'll be able to participate. The last touches will be done in Los Angeles with Gary Gray. To do a Grammy worthy record (a guy can dream, right?) is costly and so it’s off to Kickstarter for me this fall. Heather Sparrow will do the launch video here in Taos and the campaign will be managed by Jana Pochop in Austin. The music business has changed so dramatically and without a booking agent and support team there's no way I can tour and won't be able to take advantage of that process to spread the word from town to town so I'll need to hire radio promotion and publicity experts. I'm looking at a $25,000 to $30,000 price tag for that stuff alone. Add about that much again to actually make the record and you can see the size of the rock as well as the mountain I plan to push it up. If I had the funds I think I could do it and actually make it happen … and it could be kinda fun. I'm strange like that.

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