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4-2-14 From Studio 13 in Taos

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

4-2-14 From Studio 13 in Taos
The Winds of Spring have returned to the high desert mountains of Taos. The kind of winds that could blow a small automobile over.. or certainly steal parts of small buildings and take them far far away. I've been off the road and under house arrest in my home studio which has been aptly named Studio 13… sometimes that's because its a lucky thing… but too often it's Gremlinville and if it can possibly go wrong it certainly has or will in the process of learning all this stuff. All the same I've been getting a lot done while I'm crash coursing in digital engineering, mixing and mastering and using myself as the guinea pig. I've been putting a lot of new music together and reinventing some older songs as well… both with and without lyrics. For a sampling you can take a listen on Soundcloud where you can stream various bits and pieces of new and older music including a lot of instrumental stuff that has never seen the light of day before. I've been a studio rat since the mid 70's but this is the first time I've tried to tackle the digital domain as an engineer. Many thanks to Glenn Harvitz for going above and beyond the call of duty… also large thanks to John Kurgan, David Clemmer and Don Richmond, Gary Gray, Neale Eckstein and Aaron Davison for tons of help. Another favorite resource has been Dave Pensado's "Into The Lair" series on Youtube. If you're into mixing audio you'll love Dave's video series. He's mixed some of the greatest artists of all time... plus he's just a really cool guy.

I've been mentoring with Aaron Davison in the world of licensing/publishing for TV and film and a lot of what I'm doing in the studio right now is geared toward that. Here's an interview I did with Aaron Davison recently. Will paste his info below.  Wishing you all the best. Peace  

Aaron Davison:
"In my latest episode of "Music, Money and Life" I speak with singer/songwriter Don Conoscenti about getting close to "making it" but burning out first and how he came back and re-built his career from the ground up".

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