Don Conoscenti

After forty years of writing, recording, touring and producing i've decided to take a step back from the business of music. Thank you to everyone for your immeasurable love and support and for making Anastasia, my last album, a beautiful reality

12-25-15 Happy HoHo

For the past 14 years I'd be packing my bags Christmas Day or already be en route to Boston for the New Year's Eve shows with Ellis Paul. A week long affair of joy and madness. with sometimes four shows a day. This year Ellis wisely suggested I stay home and focus on my medical treatments which is allowing me to kick back on Christmas Day. A rare and sweet experience for a guy like me. I'll sorely miss Ellis and our friends, but I trust they'll rock it regardless and my thoughts will be with them and with the rest of you as I get well and prepare for recording to begin first week of February. I'm going to slip one local show in on Jan 2nd opening for Brothers Keeper which has a morphing lineup of guest members. This show includes Jono Manson and John Popper from Blues Traveler.  John Michel and Michael Jude are the core of Brother's Keeper and they'll be the rhythm section on my new album. Thanks again for everything. Blessings and Happy Holy Days. Taos NM