Don Conoscenti

After forty years of writing, recording, touring and producing i've decided to take a step back from the business of music. Thank you to everyone for your immeasurable love and support and for making Anastasia, my last album, a beautiful reality

7-28-15 My Glorious Life

The garlic is harvested and drying, the new record is in the final stages of production and my medical situation is finally moving in a positive direction after of year of back sliding. Not sure what the words are to express what I've been through the past 12 months but they would include both awesome and horrific. The past six months were especially challenging. I got very sick and just couldn't get treatment. After six solid months slugging it out with my insurance company I gave up and applied for a patient assistance program with a drug company called Viekira. They accepted my application and were generous enough to give me a free ride ($90,000) for their new Hepatitis C treatment. It takes three months of meds and testing and as of this blog it's been one month and I feel like a different person. Nearly human again. The whole time I was dealing with all that I was launching the Kickstarter Campaign and then started making the new record. Unfortunately I was also losing the battle to save my teeth from some serious infection. It's been a very difficult transition, especially in the middle of producing and managing a very ambitious recording project. I'm doing the bulk of the work in my home studio and sick or not I had to show up every day and put in 10 or 12 hours to keep up with the work and that schedule will continue through August. I'd hoped for a mid summer release, but now it makes more sense to release in the fall. I'm very happy with the record so far. The guest list has shifted a bit from the original one, but is still stellar. I was able to bring a remote recording rig to the Woody Guthrie Festival and recorded several people in my hotel room every day and did another session on the stage of the Blue Door after a show. I've been posting rough mixes here on my Listen page. I've been so immersed in getting well, keeping the garden alive and finishing the record that I had to abandon updates, Facebook, Twitter, etc. I'm just one person and I can't do it all. When the record is finished I'll reenter the social dimension and beg forgiveness. I was able to go out and do some touring in July and was very relieved to see that i could still play, sing and put on a fun show. I hadn't performed live since early December 2014. 

One of the founders of Red Dirt Music and a talented and witty friend passed away at the tail end of the Woody Guthrie Festival. Happy Trails to Tom Skinner. For the rest of us life roars on. Wishing you all a happy and peaceful summer.