Don Conoscenti

After forty years of writing, recording, touring and producing i've decided to take a step back from the business of music. Thank you to everyone for your immeasurable love and support and for making Anastasia, my last album, a beautiful reality

10-29-15 Re-Entry ... Front Porch Music Nov 6th in Valporaiso, IN

I just finished the new record, Anastasia, and am about to re-enter cyberspace and the world at large, which I’ve been dreading because I’ve fallen so far behind on so many fronts. The baptism by fire begins with a solo acoustic show at Front Porch Music in Valporaiso, IN on Friday Nov 6th followed by two very cool house concerts in Muncie and Bloomington IN on Nov 7th and 8th. I had to pull back from everything this past 7 months and focus completely on getting the record done and getting treated for Hepatitis C. The Hep C is now gone and the master for the new record was turned in to Oasis CD for manufacturing a couple days ago. My mind is slowly coming back. I most definitely lost parts of it during all this that I'll likely never see again. My apologies to anyone I may have offended along the way. When you get to work with the world’s finest it’s all about the work and setting the bar high. Not the quickest way to make or keep friends unless they’re on the very same page with you. I got lucky enough to do that on this record thanks to the artists involved and all the supporters who made it possible.

  Not sure when the official release date will be. That’s being tossed about. It’ll be on the small, but mighty Howlin’ Dog Records owned by some dear and talented friends of mine from Colorado and Indiana and there are some other great artists joining the ranks soon. 

   The record came in on budget but was way late getting completed. I saw many deadlines blow past me at the speed of sound. It was constantly taking sharp turns and i had to pull it out of the ditch many times, but I never gave up. There was no going to lunch or having coffee with friends unless they stopped by the studio like Bob Andrews did on many occasions to listen to mixes in progress and offer some wise suggestions. I also spoke with Paul Buckmaster weekly about the orchestrations and every other thing under the sun and moon. He’s an extraordinary guy. A true Maestro and my own personal Panditji. We recorded the drum and bass tracks with dear friend and musical badass Don Richmond at Howlin’ Dog Studios in Alamosa Co (the Beautiful Valley) during 7 memorable days in March. Our friend Abe Rosenberg of Jack Rabbit Hollow Productions shot a very fun video during one of those days which I hope everyone gets a chance to see. Check it out on my Videos Page or on my Youtube Channel. I ended up doing all the rest of the production work myself in my home project studio, aka Studio 13, and sent tracks out across the internet to studios in cities around the country. None of this was particularly easy, but the guest artists sound fantastic. Many of them were recorded by me in my motel room at the Woody Guthrie Festival in Okemah Ok. 

   I was never completely sure if I was going to succeed with any of this, but I was willing to figure it out as I went and to go down trying. I worked 10 to 16 hours every day for a full year except for the days I was too sick or had surgeries. We raised $46,000 during a very successful Kickstarter campaign, but it cost a lot to make that happen and the original projected cost of making and promoting the record was closer to $72,000. I worked hard to save money everywhere I could and saved about $20,000 by orchestrating 10 of the 14 songs myself (including a horn section on Smith Road) and by mixing and mastering the record in my studio. It was a scary ride. 

   I’m grateful to have my mind, body and heart mostly intact again after such a long and perilous journey. Thanks for every little thing. Hope to see you all soon somewhere, somehow. Peace. Don