Don Conoscenti

After forty years of writing, recording, touring and producing i've decided to take a step back from the business of music. Thank you to everyone for your immeasurable love and support and for making Anastasia, my last album, a beautiful reality

7-29-16 Another Glorious Taos Summer

The new CD is out in the world and slowly finding its way to the ears of those who are destined to connect with it. After 40 years of leaving no stone unturned I've decided to shift my focus a bit. You're much more likely to find me in my garlic patch than on stage. I'm also working at the Taos Ski Valley (TSV) which is located in the Carson National Forest just north of Taos. It is a rugged and pristine wilderness area and one of the most beautiful and challenging ski areas in the country. I'm on the trail crew working at 10,000 and 11,000 foot elevations, driving heavy equipment and training with the TSV Fire Department and the search and rescue team. I got my certification this year as a Type II Wildland Fire Fighter. Pretty amazing stuff. If your backyard catches on fire I'm your guy. I have to say I'm loving the changes and am in top shape. I have to be. I train on the weekends just to stay fit enough to keep up with the serious badasses I work with. I'm good with that. Ironically I now wake up around the time I used to go to bed. That took a little getting used to. The home studio (Studio 13) is still open for session work, mixing and mastering ... all done by file transfer, but I'm not actively pursuing that or live performances. I'm grateful to everyone for the years of love and support and am incredibly grateful for the opportunity so many of you have given me to continue to make music while tackling some serious health issues and to make my final album, Anastasia. If you're looking for digital downloads of the new album go to iTunes or my 'Store' page. If you'd like a physical CD (God Bless You!) you can find that at my label's web site. Click HERE for the Howlin' Dog Records store page and be sure to check out the releases of my other label mates. The record company is owned and operated by dear friends and there are some fine artists, including some of the owners, on the label. Large love to all of you from gorgeous Taos, NM and I hope to see you out there somewhere, sometime, somehow. Don